Free Range Chocobos <<FRC>> was established July 15, 2017 and has been home to a delightful blend of arty RPG nerds & casual content playing friends since. We are a neutral-aligned business free company with a focus on mystery & adventure RP. The White Lotus Inn is our Studio-Ghibli inspired home base for stretching our worldbuilding & storytelling muscles in this universe. We are an 21+ free company and an LGBTQIA+ allied space. We use discord for coordination of events, hangouts, PVE & PVP and we often collaborate with other FCs for seasonal roleplay events.


■ Your character may be part of the Inn Staff, a contractor, or a patron.
■ Newly documented hauntings at the inn might require a special research team to investigate locally or even on the other side of the world. Ghost hunter? Exorcist? Researcher? Adventurer? A brave soul? You might be needed.
■ While we have a great place to put on a show, there's quite a lot of travel involved with our venue. From importing expensive interiors to exploring an abandoned garlean research facility for a boiler part, there's no shortage of adventure.
■ The White Lotus Inn is a fixer-upper. It needs maintenance almost every day and there are floors yet to be explored.
■ With every venture and event, the team always needs characters of certain specialties.


Open recruitment is currently closed & new members are by referral only. However, we’re always interested in meeting new like-minded people and building connections with the White Lotus Inn. We are always accepting new RP opportunities, so look for us in game and hit us up there or on our social media pages!


Aside from RP, we often run normal & EX content weekly during patch cycles with our friends on Balmung. We're always looking for birds who want to join in on the fun!


Retainer Fowl ■ All non-officer alts get placed here.
Peep ■ This is where our newest members begin, fresh out of the hatchery.
Chicken ■ Regular member rank.
Bantam Runner ■ Veteran member rank.
Herding Dog ■ FRC officer rank
Roost Father ■ Founders of the Free Company
Promotions are done based on activity and involvement in the Free Company. New members are placed in Peep as a trial period to see if they are a good fit for FRC.


Member General Guidelines

■ All channel rules are posted in the Discord & are expected to be followed.
■ Discord is required. It is a large part of our community communication.
■ FC rooms are available to all members, though we encourage the creation of rooms fitting the hotel & bathhouse theme. Gil will not be reimbursed to those that leave the FC or are removed for any reason.
■ Characters inactive for more than 90 days will be purged from the Free Company Roster. You may ask for an invite back.
■ Any harassment, in game or out of game is forbidden and will not be tolerated.
■ Ethnicity, religion, nationality, and sexuality will not be discussed in a derogatory or hateful way in any channel in or out of game.
■ When interacting with other FCs, other members in public game chats, or in FFXIV community discords, our members must show maturity and respect at all times.
■ Be excellent to one another and have a good attitude.

Member Roleplay Guidelines

■ We encourage players to build characters and backstories around established lore and within reason. We would prefer to write with characters that are plausible, well thought out and are a concept you are enthusiastic about.
■ Lore policing is not welcome in our spaces. Politely disengage if you don’t like the portrayal of a character or concept.
■ Godmodding / metagaming is not considerate of other players and is not allowed.
■ Griefing, the intentional disruption of another's roleplay, is strictly prohibited. Trolling will not be tolerated either.
■ We expect players to understand IC consequences for IC actions (if you start a bar fight, you may get thrown out etc.)
■ Be courteous, patient, and flexible during large events. Chat scroll will go by fast and it is overwhelming for some.
■ We are an 21+ FC, however, we expect players to use common sense about erotic roleplay & adult conversations. (If you wouldn't do it in a public space IRL, don't do it in a public space in game).

White Lotus Inn Staff Guidelines

■ If you would like to become an IC member of staff for the White Lotus Inn please DM Felore Soleil or Adrian Suzuka about the role you would like to play.
■ All members of staff should be somehow working for or towards the goals of upkeeping the White Lotus Inn, there are many things that can be done, just pitch us your ideas!
■ All members of IC staff are required to be 18+ years or older, this is a non-negotiable requirement. Any questions of this should be directed to Felore or Adrian
■ All members of staff are to present themselves in a respectable manner IC and OOC during community events lead by the White Lotus Inn. By being a member you represent our FC and it’s expected you treat yourself and others with respect and understanding.
■ IC Staffing is entirely voluntary, by being in this FC you are not required to be IC working for the White Lotus Inn. You are more than welcome to be here just to hang out and have a good time with friends and have an Rp hook for future events.